The Truth About Trauma

The Truth about Trauma

Trauma, pain and loss touches us all, it is an undeniable truth of life.

When tragedy hits our “societal programming” tells us to move on, get busy, get to back to work or worse not to acknowledge it at all.

But another undeniable truth that is rarely spoken is how trauma changes us, it changes us at the very core, it changes how we view the world and our place in it.

In my humble opinion, I think that is exactly what it is designed to do but not to break us down but break us open.

To break our hearts so wide open that there are no choice for us but to evolve into more understanding, compassionate and loving human beings.

When trauma visits your life and I promise at some point it will.

Don’t shy away from it
Don’t retract
Face it

I know it hurts hell but be brave enough to dive in and feel the very depths of it.

Give it voice
Write about it
Hell, kick some tires if you have to

But do whatever you need to do to express it.

Because there are nothing more painful in life then unexpressed emotions. It what keeps us stuck.

It is the root cause of our addictions, stress, sleepless nights, self-sabotaging and destructive behaviors.

So, let the emotions and tears flow.

When you’re ready
ONLY when you’re ready
Let them go
Set yourself free
Set your heart free

Free to expand
Free to find beauty
Free to find joy
Free to see the humanness in us all

But most importantly set your heart free to love again.

You got this!


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